Actress Shubhaavi Choksey bags the award for the ‘Experimental Style Diva on Indian Television’ says “If you are in the public eye, then you are always under the radar”

Maithili Shinde
·2-min read

Actress Shubhaavi Choksey, who is known for her impeccable fashion sense bagged the award under the category of ‘Experimental Style Diva on Indian Television’. The actress who is extremely glamorous in real life makes sure to keep her fashion game on point whenever she steps out for an event or a shoot.

When asked about how was she feeing when she held her first ever award that too for a prestigious category. Shubhaavi ecstatically said “First and foremost I am thankful to the international iconic awards for acknowledging me in this category . As a child I have always appreciated my moms friends as they all had a unique style of dressing. Since school I have loved to try out different looks especially from different cultures. Growing up I realised that fashion and style are similar yet different.Travelling gave me Global exposure
& then one day I came across a quote by Jean Cocteau “ Style is a simple way of saying complicated things “ and it just summed it up for me”

When asked about how she redefines her fashion choices, to which she says “Individualistic is the one word that perfectly defines me !! My choices in fashion transition each day depending on my mood… Inherently I love the Indian attire , though over the years I have noticed that my heart tilts more towards the European and UK fashion. Be it street style or grunge or Victorian or classy or even goth”

Moving on, the actress also spoke in lengths about how being a part of the fraternity puts them into a position where they are judged by other people and are put in a position where they have to make sure that they have to be perfect whenever they step out. Furthermore she asserted “I guess if you are in the public eye you are always under the radar. As a person I am extremely comfortable in skin hence I don’t refrain from my flaws be it my acne or dry skin or weight or anything! I usually do not wear makeup too.This is who I am and will be so if I am walking down a street in slippers and do get clicked it’s absolutely fine because that is normal”