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Urmila Matondkar

Ram Gopal Varma reintroduced her in Rangeela after unnoticed movies like Chamatkar. This movie not only brought the ‘sexy’ into mainstream Bollywood but took Urmila to the peaks of success. Urmila and Ram Gopal Verma were soon a hot couple, and the actress’s 1st preference was to work with RGV. Movies like Satya and Pyar Tune Kya Kiya carved out the actress in her, but Bhoot, Daud, Jungle and Mast hammered her career equally. The series of failures knocked her romance out too.

10 Actors that chose damaging affairs over promising careers

Love is a beautiful thing; but one thing dangerous about it is, it’s blind and at times silly too.  When the heart has its hands on the wheel of your life, the brain is often made to take the back seat – might sound romantic, fancy and fairy tale- esque – but nah! Not that brilliant an idea to pursue, for when the alarm goes off, the reality we wake up to isn’t as pleasant as the dream we were in, just a short while back.

They were beautiful, they were talented, but these actresses shut off their brains when the heart dived in, and a hopeful career plummeted .