Maithili Shinde
·1-min read

If you aren’t gushing over Adarsh Gourav yet, you probably haven’t watched ‘The White Tiger’. The film released on Netflix this Friday and the actor-songwriter has taken the world by storm! Yes, you read that right — he is also a trained musician.

Born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Adarsh was earlier seen in films like – ‘Rukh’, ‘Mom’, ‘My Name is Khan’, ‘Hostel Daze’ and Netflix’s own, ‘Leila’. While the world is in awe of this multi-talented, ace of an actor, we found out that he is equally hardworking as he is talented. Turns out, before starting to shoot for The White Tiger, Adarsh went to a small village in Jharkhand for 2 weeks to study the intricacies of the character he was playing to understand Balram’s background. He also worked at a food stall in Delhi for a minimal salary as a part of his preparation. Like we weren’t impressed already!

With his sheer dedication and his undeniable presence on screen, we are assured that Adarsh Gourav has a LONG way to go. He is also eligible to be nominated for The Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Oscars and has been nominated for Best Male Lead at Independent Spirit Awards. Cheers to you Adarsh!

The White Tiger is now streaming on Netflix!