#AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun: Viral hashtag has made it a laughter Sunday for movie buffs

Sundays are for enjoying your day-offs by sitting back and relaxing at home. While some watch movies, play games or do things to entertain themselves, Twitteratti have found the most hilarious way to spend it.

The viral trend #AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun on the social media platform will surely make you ROFL.

One of the Twitter users started the hashtag where you have to add any word you please in any of the films' name and see what becomes of it. The hashtag immediately went viral as people started giving us hilarious names. He tweeted "#AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun Schindler's Bucket List."

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Starting a series of titles with extra words, from 'A Star is Still Born' to 'Lego Pulp Fiction', there are tonnes of movie names you can watch and laugh at to make this Sunday afternoon blissful and full of chuckles for yourself.

Check out all the tweets here:

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