Adhyayan Suman Details His Love Story With Maera Mishra: 'Oh, She Has Lovely Eyes'- EXCLUSIVE

Beginning of 2019, broke the story that Adhyayan Suman has found love in former Splitsvilla contestant Maera Mishra. On September 13, we told you (yet another EXCLUSIVE) that Adhyayan invited Maera to his abode to not just seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, but also the acceptance from his parents, Shekhar Suman and his wife Alka. 

Now, Adhyayan herein talks about Maera and confirms that his parents have no issues to their relationship. "Yes, Maera and I are now in a steady relationship. Our parents are cool about it," he says.


Getting more candid, Adhyayan says that Maera has been an integral part of his journey which has had its share of struggle and she understands him rather well. "Well, I am 10 years older to her but frankly speaking, this age-gap in today's times doesn't decide who you should be with. Love crosses all boundaries of age and many other things."



Adhyayan says that his song with Maera has been well received and he looks forward to working with her again. "She is very young and innocent. And oh, she has lovely eyes."

Wedding bells soon? "Not discussed. No hurry as such. Abhi toh, after this Coronavirus attack, we all I guess are going to live by the moment," he signs off.

image source:-instagram/adhyayansuman

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