Aditya Ghosh – How He Built a 5-Figures Social Media Consulting Business

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Aditya Ghosh is a young 17 year old who was born on 15th April, 2003 and brought up in Delhi as well as Kolkata. This is one of the reasons why there is no lack of innovation or creation on his part because he has experienced life a lot and been to a lot of places. For most of his life, Aditya has been ovary focused kid as well as a learning teenager. He described his early part of life as just lethargic and interested in video games. However, Instagram brought about a huge difference in his life because of which he has become quite a popular person all over social media.

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The story of Aditya began when one day he was scrolling through Instagram and came across a person who was sharing his Story on how to become a successful online entrepreneur and run their business so that they can earn off from Instagram itself. According to him, this man was making seven figures in terms of money by simply using Instagram and promoting his consultancy as well as business. Very soon, Aditya started to learn from this man about how he can to improve his current state and do the same. This man remained a personal mentor to Aditya and now Aditya himself has his own Instagram page which serves as a medium of consultancy for others such people who need help.

Since Aditya Ghosh himself was a learner, he understands the importance of good consultancy. In just a span of six months he has gained a lot of followers and fame, helping more than 45 clients from all over the world. For him, his failures are his biggest strengths. The fact that he has found something that he cannot do or could not previously do motivates him to work harder for it. Having challenges in our lives is a very good thing because it improves us daily and the same goes for Aditya.

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His Instagram page is @StartupLeaderr where it has a whole community to help out others willing to use Instagram as a means of income. This wasn’t very easy for him, obviously, and he has managed to have thousands of views and followers on his Instagram page and posts with the help of his innovative idea plus the knowledge he gained. Initially, he has absolutely no support from the family but he managed just fine to balance both – his studies as well as his business.

Aditya Ghosh is currently in his 12th standard, studying in the Commerce stream. Since he has already begun with his start-up business, it was very wise of him to opt for Commerce because this would help him in management and other areas related to business and business organisations. He possesses all the qualities that a young successful businessman should have, determination being the number one quality.

Quote – “Investing in yourself always pays you more than you Invested.”

If you also want to build your Online Business with just your Smart Phone then DM him “STARTUP” on IG/@StartupLeaderr