Aditya Narayan Speaks On Being Diagnosed With Coronavirus: I Am Weak But Doing Fine - EXCLUSIVE

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While Papa Udit Narayan is worried about son, Aditya Narayan would like to reassure his father that he’s doing okay after being diagnosed as Covid positive.“I am physically weak but I am doing okay. No need to worry,” Aditya texted back when I inquired about his health.

Says Aditya, “I am hospitalised for a few days. Parts of my body were in unbearable pain and I was in tears the first night. Thought I had messed up at gym. I didn’t suspect Covid as only the right lower-half was in pain at first, which was already not in good shape because of my calf tear last month. I had skipped a week of shooting for Indian Idol too.”

He further admitted that he felt it coming for a while now. “It’s pretty complicated. But apparently the Covid virus has been in my system for a while. It took some time to show up in the tests. I am told sometimes the virus takes time to show up in the tests. The only certainty about this virus is that there’s no certainty.”

Sadly Aditya’s newly-wedded wife Shweta is also down with the virus.

When I ask about her Aditya says, “She’s feeling the same way as me. The virus hit her 4-5 days after me. But yeah, she definitely got it through me.I take the blame.”

While Aditya’s father worries about his health, Aditya is worried about his father. “He hasn’t yet taken the vaccine. I hope he agrees to get vaccinated soon. I’m worried about my parents and even more worried about my grandmother. This new Corona wave is far scarier than the first wave.”

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