Tuesday Throwback: BTS Jungkook From His Childhood Is A Remedy To All Kinds Of Sadness! Here’s Proof

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BTS’s Jungkook is not only known for his vocals but also for his big and round eyes that give him an innocent and bunny-like appearance. Here are moments where he became that gives the symbol of the adorable internet big eye emoji.

From his childhood, till now Jungkook’s adorable gaze will melt your heart!!

His big eyes have the most distinct feature since day one and his puppy dog-like eyes make him gain everyone’s attention quickly. At a glance, he was identified that he was maknae because of his big round eyes.

This picture is ridiculously adorable where he is seen eating a corndog.

As he was growing up his eyes stayed just as big as always and whenever he got confused, he uses to look innocent.

When Jungkook got debuted his big round eyes made him a fan-favorite and his bunny teeth together are the perfect combo.

From his childhood, till now his facial expressions are the same. His eyes get just as big when he’s focusing.

Whenever he performs on stage his eyes have a whole galaxy within them which tells the story of his music.

His big eyes are just too loveable that anyone can fall for him easily!