Aespa’s Black Mamba MV Breaks Record By Hitting 100 Million Views

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Congratulations to the members of Aespa!

SM Entertainment girl group name Aespa broke another with their song Blacl Mamba.

It’s very impressive that these girls are gained popularity in a very short time with Black Mamba MV which debuted on the 17th of November a couple of months ago.

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning were SM’s first girl group since Red Velvet‘s debut back in 2014. SM Entertainment released information about this girl group over half a decade later and these girls came up with the funky avatar concept that gained many fans’ attention.

Their stage presence and beautiful visuals became the epic topic after their debut which showed their incredible potential to be a top girl group in the future. The four members of aepsa showcase their singing, dancing and performing skills to the max with this song.

The MV has been out for less than two months, but it just hit the 100 million view which is Aespa’s impressive influence in the K-Pop world. They are the fastest group to hit the 100 million view mark for a debut song. With this achievement, the rookie girl group broke, another record.

The power that these girls hold is truly on another level which is truly amazing!!

Check out the “Black Mamba” music video down below.