I need advice: How can I convince her parents to allow her to marry me?

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How can I convince her parents to allow her to marry me? (Pictures for representational purposes only)

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I’m a 30 year old guy living in Mumbai.

I’m in a long-distance relationship with a girl who stays in Rajasthan. We have been together for over two years.

We want to turn our relationship into marriage but her parents are not ready to talk about our marriage right now. On the other hand, my parents were eagerly waiting to get us married.

We both belong to the same religion but her parents are narrow-minded. They kept us on hold by saying that they are not denying this relationship but they want some time to think about it. We have been “on-hold” ever since.

Since her parents don’t talk to strangers, I never had any words with them. Even if I want to convince them over the phone, it seems impossible.

Now, my parents are forcing me to get me registered with the marriage bureau and matrimonial sites. They say that they have lost their patience and will not wait anymore.

We both don’t want to move on from this relationship.

I am very confused about how to convince her parents for marriage. Especially during this lockdown, what can I do?

Any ideas?

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