I need advice: I am ruthlessly trolled for speaking my mind

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I am ruthlessly trolled for speaking my mind.

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Here is today’s question:

One cannot have an opinion in this country any more.

I am no social media influencer, but once in a while, when some topic interests me or excites me or angers me, I like to share my thoughts on social media.

But it seems to me like no matter what I share or express, there are trolls just waiting to pounce on me and fill my timeline with hate speech. I have been verbally bashed, even to the point of bring warned of death.

How do you deal with hatred directed at you on the internet?

For some time, I thought I could deal with it, I ignored it. I sometimes gave it back to the trolls. But the constant barrage of hate speech is affecting my personal life now.

Why can’t I express my honest opinion anymore? Is this what our country is turning out to be — a bully for those who speak their mind?

This cruelty/threats/bullying online is only getting worse day by day? What to do?


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