I need advice: Is sex the only way I can show love to my wife?

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Depressed and Stressed Young Man Sits on the Edge of Bed at Night, Suffering From Insomnia Because of Sex Problems. His Young Wife Lies Beside Him Feeling Empathy.
Is sex the only way I can show love to my wife? (Picture for representational purposes only)

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I have a problem to share.

My wife and I recently completed a decade of our marriage. We have a happy family with kids, by god’s grace. I always try to share responsibility with her in whatever way I can since the beginning of our marriage.

However, since last one year or so I am losing interest in sex. I am trying to find out a solution for it. But my wife is taking it in a different way.

She likes physical intimacy and so do I. But its just not happening. My wife thinks I am not in love with her any more. She has started behaving in a weird way with me.

Many times she blames me for it, and accuses me of having an affair with someone else. Else she blames herself for not looking as beautiful/attractive anymore. She claims that is the reason I am not getting intimate with her.

But it’s not at all true.

I still love her and try to help her in what every way I can. But all this is going to deaf ears.

I am tired of her irrational thoughts. IS SEX IS THE ONLY WAY TO PROVE MY LOVE TOWARD MY WIFE?

Her behaviour is causing lot of stress and and things are very difficult for me to manage during this already stressful COVID era.

I have tried many times to talk to her and make her understand that sex is not the only definition of love, but all is going in vain.

Where am I going wrong? What is the solution for this situation?

What to do?

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