I need advice: My boss is so cruel I want to strangle him, but I cannot afford to quit at this time

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bad-tempered caucasian business executive yelling at two asian subordinates in office.
My boss is so cruel I want to strangle him, but I cannot afford to quit at this time.

In our new series called, ‘I need advice’, we bring you pertinent questions that real-life people have asked in publications around the world. These are hard-hitting issues faced by men and women today. The questions could range from family, relationships and work, to abuse and sex.


Here is today’s question:

The lockdown has been traumatic for many of us in many different ways, but I have a special sympathy for all those who work under the dragon who is my boss.

Even before the lockdown was announced, he was a tyrant to all of us. We are in a Sales team and he is the Sales Head of our company. Unrealistic goals, micro-management, nitpicking, screaming at us in front of everyone else — he had all the flavour of a quintessential bad boss.

Once the lockdown came into force, I thought, finally there will be some respite from this tyranny. But instead, the torture has increased manifold.

My wife is a teacher and we have 2 young children at home, who need our constant attention, whether it is for education or playtime or simply some hugs. We had two maids — one for the household cleaning and dishes, and one for cooking — both of them have not been coming for a while now. We had a nanny to take care of our kids as well when we were away; now she cannot come either. My elderly mother lives with us, but there’s only that much she can do.

I help my wife and mother as much as I can because it is my responsibility as the man of my home, to be of service to them. They do so much already.

But I need to also deal with this dragon boss, who now has transferred all his unrealistic goals (especially during this time of pandemic) onto our hapless team. He now screams at us over our conference calls. (One time my daughter started crying, hearing his non-stop rant). He makes us work till late hours of the night, asks us for some or the other deliverable at obscene hours.

I want to complain to our HR, but I am afraid he will come to know and I will be sacked. I cannot afford to lose my job at this stage. The economy of our country is in such doldrums, and I know I will not get another job soon, if I quit now.

I am at my wits end. What can I do?


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