I need advice: My husband threatens to divorce me whenever we have an argument

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I need advice

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Here is today’s question:

We ‘broke up’ so many times when we were dating that I don’t remember the actual number. But every time we broke up, he cried and 'made it up' to me. I was a sucker for it.

When he wanted to marry me finally, I was in 7th heaven! I thought, ‘this is it’, he’s going to turn from his stupid ways and we’re going to be so happy. I was so wrong.

It’s been just two years since we got married. Now he sings a different tune. He threatens to leave me and/or give me a divorce, whenever we argue over the smallest matter. But soon after, just as when we were dating, he would profusely ask for forgiveness, telling me he was stupid and reckless. He says that he never means what he says, and I should be understanding enough to know this. He always cleans up his act for some time, but then goes right back to being a douche.

In the beginning, I felt like maybe I deserved it, and he was the best I had, this is my destiny and what not. But the more he does things that make me uncomfortable and then blames me for being sensitive rather than respecting my wishes, I am slowly losing my patience.

I am fed up. What should I do?


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