I need advice: My sister-in-law is a lecherous, lazy imbecile; but how to tell my wife?

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My sister-in-law is a lecherous, lazy imbecile; but how to tell my wife? (Picture for representative purposes only)

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My wife and I are happily married - we have a happy, intelligent 7-year-old daughter, who keeps us busy especially during this time of pandemic.

I would say my life was turned upside down, when I agreed (on the insistence of my dear wife) to allow my sister-in-law to stay with us, while she wanted to do a Bachelor’s course in the city.

In the beginning it was fine; she was going to college everyday and would come back in the night, just to (in her own words) “crash”; although I am not sure how my wife allowed that, considering this is a new city she is in.

However with the lockdown set in and all educational institutions closed down - she is now at home 24/7.

I consider myself a man of discipline - I like having fun with my family, but I expect a certain decorum at home. My sister-in-law is the opposite of all things I hold dear.

I have also noticed that she uses her sex appeal to get work done. We have a full time servant in our home. He waits on her hand and foot, because of her sweet talk. She sometimes touches me inappropriately as well, and it makes me very angry.

She is lazy, her room is always in a mess - she is always late for family meals, and her attitude is rotten. I think she sneaks out to smoke as well (we have a strict no-smoking rule in our home). I fear she will influence my daughter in a wrong way.

I have told my wife about this several times, but we always end up fighting over this matter, because she insists that her sister has a pure heart.

Pure heart, my foot!

How can I convince my wife that her sister is out of control?

Please help me with some suggestions.

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