I need advice: My wife is depressed, edgy; I can’t take it anymore

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I need advice: My wife is depressed, edgy; I can’t take it anymore. (Image for representative purposes only)

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I am married for 13 years now and have three small children.

My wife has been in some sort of depression since birth of my second child. We had to get 3rd child due to her negligence of not informing about her pregnancy till 5th month. It was too late to abort. At the time I didn’t get to go for surgery after our second child was born.

Due to her negative mindset and suspicion always on me and her family members, she is not able to lead a routine life. She was not able to take care of our children, so I dropped her off with her mother so she could get some help.

But her siblings admitted her in psychiatric hospital, treated for few days and kept her on medication. Her siblings took one of our children away and said they will bring him up till she gets better. But later her mother passed away and we both don't have parents.

So I decided to bring her back with me along with our two other kids. I tried to rebuild our home and helped her whenever she needed support. But she created lot of issues - so much so, that I had to send our second child also to relatives place. I thought we will be able to manage with our eldest child.

But her depression and erratic behaviour continued to create issues.

Now, sadly, all my three children are away from us, and she is still in depression. She does not take her medicines, and is not attempting to get back to normal life.

Since this lockdown, I was hoping that at least she will understand, as I am at home the whole time. But she abuses me, shouts at me and does no work at home.

She is always in different world as she is not taking her medicines. She don't trust anyone and does not realise that she needs help.

I don't want to admit in mental hospital and none of her family members are supporting this decision because we have small children.

I am really fed up of her and this life and want to go away leaving everything and lead a peaceful life somewhere.

Am I wrong to think this way?

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