I need advice: Something is wrong with my wife; why am I stuck with her?

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Something is wrong with my wife; why am I stuck with her? (Picture for representational purposes only)

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I got married 17 years ago, to a woman I hardly knew.

I was told that she had undergone a surgery for squint at the time. But something was very wrong from the beginning.

She seemed very low in day to day work, and couldn't even walk properly.

I got emotionally attached with her in spite of her strange issues; and we got pregnant after three months of marriage.

At this point, I could not bring myself to leave her, and raise my child with someone else. So I am trying very hard to work it out with my wife for the last 17 years.

I was told she had a surgery for her squint-eye, but now I am not so sure.

Even today, she cannot seem to do her day-to-day tasks properly. She is slow, and well, odd.

She seems to have no emotional bond with me or our children. I have tried to ask her parents about this, but I never get any support from them either. They only want her to avoid work and ask me to tell the children to do all the household work.

Now, I am doing all the daily chores at home after my business activities.

I have zero mental, emotional, or sexual support from her.

What to do?

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