I need advice: This lockdown has been bad news for my sex life

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This lockdown has been bad news for my sex life. (Picture for representational purposes only)

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My wife and I are married for 2 years. No kids.

We both are happily busy with our jobs and work as we are into our prime time of our individual careers.

Pre-lockdown, we were always worried because we were not able to give time to each other, considering our job timings. However, in spite of that, we were able to enjoy a pretty decent bedroom life.

When the lockdown was enforced, we were forced to work from home. It turned out to be a boon for us. We worked from home and made love daily. Things were very nice for a couple of months.

Then the problem began.

Slowly I began to feel less and less attracted to my wife and lost the enthusiasm for lovemaking.

I don’t know what the reason for that is. Maybe it is the same household routine, daily fixed work. The fact that I am locked inside the house for three months is killing me from inside.

Things are becoming difficult day by day as my wife is asking the reason for it. Obviously, I don't want to tell her that I am bored of regular sex. It has become too “common” for me. There is nothing exciting in it anymore.

She loves me a lot and enjoys our lovemaking session. Evidently, she has not grown “bored” of it and want to continue our “sessions” every night.

I just cannot bring myself to have sex again.

This lockdown has turned out to be huge problem for me. Please help me.

What should I do?

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