AHEM! This Is What Karan Johar Has To Say About Kangana Ranaut’s Acting Chops...

Last night, we told you all that transpired between ‘frenemies’- Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar- as they came face to face on the sets of India’s Next Superstars.

The two shot together and the vibes were pretty chilled during the shoot. In fact, Kangana in jest even cracked a rude joke on Karan where she said he serves poison to his guests.

Well, Kangana may have been at her sarcastic best, but Karan Johar was in a total mood to flatter the actress.

SpotboyE.com has it that during the shoot, Karan praised Kangana a lot. Not just that, he had something really special to say about Ms Ranaut’s acting talent.

While giving his comments to one of the contestants on the show, Karan said, "Kangana is a fabulous actor as she gets into the character while shooting. If she is Tanu she becomes the actual Tanu. If she shoots for Queen she behaves like a queen.”

Awww...now isn’t that just too sweet? The two not only spoke cordially but also posed candidly for the shutterbugs. In one of the pictures, we spotted Kangana sweetly hugging Karan. Ummm, really guys?

But we wonder where is so much sweetness coming from? All that’s playing in our head right now are the controversial comments which both Kjo and Kangna had passed for each other when the nepotism debate was at its peak.

Hmm, looks like just like Bollywood films, this one’s also got its Happy Ending, of course, after lots of drama and twists.

Image Source: instagram/riablog