Ahmedabad: Woman Dies Outside Civil Hospital After Being Denied Admission in Three Others

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Ahmedabad, April 23: A woman died outside the 1,200-bed facility on the Civil Hospital campus in Ahmedabad's Asarwa after she was refused admission in three other hospitals. Dipak Pasat was stunned when his wife Urmila died in front of him. The sight of Dipak waiting for an autorickshaw with his dead wife's body in the wheelchair showed how grim is the situation in Ahmedabad. Rajkot Shocker: Video of Agent Selling COVID-19 Bed for Rs 9,000 in Civil Hospital Goes Viral, Two Arrested.

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Speaking to a leading daily, Dipak said Urmila had a fever but they did not get her tested for COVID-19 infection as her condition had seemingly improved. On Wednesday, she developed fever again and her condition rapidly worsened. After checking Urmila's oxygen level, a local doctor told Dipak to get her admitted to a hospital. Ahmedabad Procures 1000 Oxygen Cylinders to Add More Beds for COVID-19 Patients.

Thus, began Dipak's quest for a hospital bed for Urmila. Instead of waiting for an ambulance, Dipak put her his wife in an autorickshaw and visited three hospitals. However, all his efforts went in vain as she was refused admission in all three hospitals. "They said they were all full and had no ICU beds available," he was quoted as saying.

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Helpless Dipak then decided to take Urmila to the Civil Hospital. But it was too late. By the time they reached the hospital, Urmila had died. "I tried to save her but could not get care in time," Dipak, stunned by her death right in front of him, said. Ahmedabad is one of the worst-hit city by the pandemic in Gujarat. Hospitals are running full and people are struggling to find bed.