Air Quality Index: Check the Air Pollution Levels in Your City

India’s metro cities kick start a new week with improved air quality.

As compared to the AQI numbers of last week, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad have seen a considerable improvement in PM2.5 levels , with numbers in the ‘moderate’ range. Even Delhi seems to have recouped slightly with the PM2.5 levels dropping by 71 points. On the other hand,the air quality of Chennai and Kolkata have deteriorated with the latter undergoing a drastic spike in PM2.5 levels by 73 points.

Here’s the AQI Index for today:

Although Delhi saw a general improvement in air quality, certain areas continue to have hazardously poor air quality. For instance, when FIT covered the Airtel Delhi Half marathon just yesterday on Sunday, 20 October, recorded AQI levels of around 300-320 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Although, this sudden inflation in the levels may also be because of the collective activity of a large number of people concentrated in the area - which often tends to raise fine particle levels in the air.

Other parts of Delhi also seem to be fairing poorly:

  • DTU, Delhi - 354 (Hazardous)
  • Punjabi Bagh - 162 (Very Unhealthy)
  • Anand Vihar - 195 (Very Unhealthy)
  • R.K. Puram - 188 (Very Unhealthy)

The Delhi Technological University area is especially faced with dangerously poor air quality today.

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Here’s what the numbers mean. The World Health Organisation identifies pollution levels are ranging from:

  • 0 - 50: Good. Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.
  • 51-100: Satisfactory. Air quality is acceptable; may be a moderate health concern for sensitive people.
  • 101-200: Moderate. Sensitive groups (with lung, heart diseases) may experience health issues.
  • 201-300: Poor. Everyone may begin to experience health issues like respiratory problems.
  • 301-400: Very Poor. Health warnings of emergency conditions. Entire population is likely to be affected.
  • 401-500: Severe. Health alert: everyone may experience more serious health issues.

If you wish to check the air quality index of your city, click on this link:

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