Airlift Review: Akshay Kumar’s Best Performance Till Date; A Definite Watch For Every Indian

There are a huge number of heroic stories in the face of history that has neither been written not told about by anybody. One of such mishap that was followed by an act of heroism is of the largest evacuation in the history of the world that took place in Kuwait by Indians.

Raja Krishna Menon’s Airlift starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur helps you get into the moment and make you feel for each and every Indian stuck there at the time. It instills a feeling of patriotism and makes you feel proud to be an Indian and how, only he can tell.

A still from Airlift (T- Series / Emmay Entertainment)

Here goes the story…

Suave business tycoon Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) resides in Kuwait with his wife (Nimrat Kaur) and daughter. Being a powerful entrepreneur in Kuwait he hates everything that is even slightly Indian and feels more proud to be a Kuwaiti instead.

Everything in life is exactly how he plans it to be until Iraq invades Kuwait. Iraqi soldiers go on a rampage and are now killing every Kuwaiti they see on spot. Now, how this one man alone helps 1.70 lakh Indians reach their homeland safely is the rest of the story.

From the first few scenes in the movie, that showcase immense destruction and brutality of the Iraqi soldiers to the last few scenes of glee, nothing, and I mean it, not even a single scene is not worth your money.

The scenes involving the war and showing the brutality of the Iraqi soldiers are so believable that you may need to pinch yourself to get out of it.

The casting is one of the most preeminent parts about the film. So much so, that the movie can be easily called as Akshay’s best works in recent times.

The actor is brilliant in each sequence, from being a proud, non-lenient businessman to being a helpless man in need; Akshay displays a range of emotions and throws a magnum opus performance.

Nimrat Kaur is one of the best finds of the industry and needs to be seen a lot more in movies. Her scene with Prakash Belavadi left us speechless.

Belavadi and Purab Kohli are fabulous in their acts. Filmistaan star Inaamulhaq plays Major Khalaf Bin Zayd and he is a revelation, with so much ease and confidence in his act.

The style in which director Raja Krishna Menon describes this saga of the largest evacuation in the history of the world keeps you on the edge-of-the-seat and the tale emotionally connects with you. This is without a doubt a tale that needed to be told and Menon has delved into the history to bring it to us in the most fabulous way. The brilliant filmmaker revivifies the 1990 Kuwait and how.

The screenplay, the taut narration, the music, the script, everything is best of what you have seen in a long long time in Bollywood. The elements of humour, romance, drama, war and patriotism all induced in one, makes Airlift a definite watch for every Indian.

If you are a fan of Akshay’s expertise in Baby, Holiday, etc, then wait till you see Airlift and help him to sweep you right off your feet.

By Neha Prashar Gupta / GossipTicket