Aisi Taisi Democracy's New Song Calls Out PM's Handling of COVID

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"An anthem for our COVID times" - Aisi Taisi Democracy's latest song, 'Super Spreader Anthem', takes a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's handling of the COVID crisis. India has been worst hit by the second wave, with thousands dying and hospitals facing acute shortage of medical oxygen, beds & medicines.

Rahul Ram, Varun Grover and Sanjay Rajoura has managed to hit the nail on the head yet again with their punchy lyrics. The video has also been designed as a game.

The song starts by saying that Mother India is weeping right now seeing pyres burning round the clock. "Aapne bola COVID gone, mask bhi rakha nahi on (You declared that the country is free of COVID and chose not to wear masks)", sings Rahul Ram, adding that Modiji didn't hesitate one bit before allowing election rallies and Kumbh Mela, thereby exposing crores to the virus.

'Super Spreader Anthem' also points out that when the country was gasping for breath due to shortage of oxygen, the Prime Minister promptly declined UN's offer of assistance.

"Modiji Modiji kaise leader ho tum ji/ Sadko pe marte hai log, lekin aap ho gum ji (Modiji, what kind of a leader are you? People are dropping dead on the streets, but you have chosen to remain silent)". From sending vaccines offshore to blocking Twitter posts criticising the government and declaring Central Vista as an 'essential project', the song calls out the incompetence of the Centre.

'Super Spreader Anthem' is along the same lines as 'An Ode to Demonetisation', one of the most popular songs of Aisi Taisi Democracy.

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