Ajay Devgn’s Baadshaho earns more than the lifetime collection of Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal in just 9 days!

moumita bhattacharjee
Ajay Devgn's film managed to earn more than Shah Rukh Khan's film and that too in such a small period of time.

Ajay Devgn‘s Baadshaho is running really well at the theatres even in its second week. Despite new releases, it is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, numbers are only getting better, second Saturday did better business than the second Friday which means it is still getting liked by people. As of now the film has earned Rs 68.24 crore and by doing so, it has earned more than the entire lifetime collection of Shah Rukh Khan‘s Jab Harry Met Sejal. The latter had earned Rs 64.32 crore.

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Now we know what went wrong with JHMS. Despite a very hot looking Shah Rukh Khan going back to his superhit romantic mode, audience couldn’t connect with it at all. The mini trails created good buzz but that’s about it. The mis-guided handling of the plot by director Imtiaz Ali ravaged its chances at the box office. It’s a pity if filmmaker still believe in letting Shah Rukh Khan shoulder a film all alone rather than ably supporting him. He is a good actor who is recently getting failed by bad scripts and average direction. No wonder that even his fans couldn’t love the film much. On the other hand, Baadshaho always knew which kind of audience it is targeting at – single screens. They just loved everything that was being served… no wonder that the film is still going strong at the box office. Check out day wise collection of both the films right here…


Friday Rs 12.60 Crore
Saturday Rs 15.60 Crore
Sunday Rs 15.10 Crore
Monday Rs 6.82 Crore
Tuesday Rs 6.12 Crore
Wednesday Rs 4.30 Crore
Thursday Rs 3.60 Crore
Friday Rs 2.10 Crore
Saturday Rs 2.60 Crore
Total Rs 68.24 crore

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Day 1 (Fri)  – 15.25 Cr.

Day 2 (Sat)  – 15 Cr.

Day 3 (Sun)  – 15.50 Cr.

Day 4 (Mon)  – 7.15 Cr.

Day 5 (Tue)  – 2.9 Cr.

Day 6 (Wed)  – 2.2 Cr.

Day 7 (Thu)  – 1.75 Cr.

Day 8 (Fri)  – 0.75 Cr.

Day 9 (Sat)  – 1.1 Cr.

Day 10 (Sun)  – 1 Cr.

Day 11 (Mon) to Day 14 (Thu) – 1.4 Cr.

Day 15 (Fri) – 0.06 Cr.

Day 16 (Sat) – 0.07 Cr.

Day 17 (Sun)  – 0.08 Cr.

Day 18 (Mon) to Day 21 (Thu) – 0.05 Cr.

Day 22 (Fri) to Day 28 (Thu) – 0.04 Cr.

Day 29 (Fri) to Day 35 (Thu) – 0.02 Cr.

TOTAL – 64.32 Cr.

Well, Ajay Devgn has defeated Shah Rukh Khan this time.