'AK vs AK' movie review: A crazy meta ride

Sagar Malik
·3-min read

25 Dec 2020: 'AK vs AK' movie review: A crazy meta ride

AK vs AK is a risky experiment.

And we all know how badly the Hindi cinema needs more of that today.

The film, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and streaming now on Netflix, is undoubtedly clever and gripping, but it can hold on control only for so long.

Nevertheless, it's a change that must be appreciated.

Here is our review.

Plot: An ugly spat in B-Town kicks off a crazy journey

In this film, modern Indian cinema's maverick director Anurag Kashyap plays an even cockier version of himself, while Anil Kapoor plays the charming, ageless movie star that he is.

After an ugly and hence much-publicized public spat ensues between the two, the filmmaker plans to kidnap the latter's daughter (Sonam Kapoor) and shoot the search for her in real time as his next project.

Details: It is raw and gripping

AK vs AK is a risk worth taking. Because even if it does miss the mark here and there, the end product makes up for all that.

That this film is raw and gripping is established early on but that it remains so for a good enough span of time is something I had not expected and should be praised.

Details: However, it trips and falls at times

However, as is the case with most movies of such nature, AK vs AK is bound to get overwhelming at certain points.

While there are moments that promise to leave you in awe, there are others that might make you lose interest and want to opt out.

In other words, the movie does trip over and fall on its own quirk in some parts.

Performances: All hail Anil Kapoor. Because he is 'jhakaas'!

Anil Kapoor is the undeniable star of the movie.

He carries his real self (more or less), with rawness, realness and the sort of courage which is too rare to find in an evergreen Hindi film star like himself.

This man is such a treasure, that must be utilized the right way, more often than he has been.

Performances: Kashyap pulls off his best onscreen act to date

It is no secret that Anurag Kashyap has always been a reluctant and lazy actor.

But this time, he is acting to do what he does the best, and self-admittedly will live and die for - making movies. And man, does that pay off.

As a desperate and borderline evil filmmaker, Kashyap pulls off an honest and memorable act.

Final word: To watch or not to watch?

Clearly, AK vs AK is not everyone's cup of tea. It is a film of the cinema lovers, by the cinema lovers, for the cinema lovers.

Well yes, it is a bumpy ride but also worth it at the same time.

Give it a watch for sake of its inspiring newness and you won't regret it.

Final rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.