Akshay Aruku: Multitalented youngster is all set to break all stereotypes



Akshay Aruku who is a trained white hat hacker is ready to hack the cinema industry by 2020. “Hard work might not be the key to success but it is definitely the key for satisfaction”; says Mr. Aruku. After giving 6 years to the industry he truly believes that one should work with full dedication to reach a desired level. With this huge belief, Akshay is all set to break all stereotypes.

His journey in the film industry started as a promoter. Akshay used to love the work which goes behind the movies and films which interested him to work in production. He started with the pre-production and later tried his hand in post-production. The reason to work in different departments was his struggle inside him to become the face for audience. The upcoming project is very special to him and he is ready to touch your heart.

For the audience 6 years of struggle is just a figure but for Akshay it is his dedication and efforts to make it to a movie of bilinguals. It is said that behind every successful man there is somebody; people supported him initially but later he was alone in his from risk to reward. He will be seen as the lead performer for 5 language series. And it was not a direct entry, before this he has worked hard on his acting skills. To start with, Akshay did many theaters shows and learned the essence of acting. Then he got offers for regional web series and short films to which he never refused, because for him every day and every work is; leaning.

Acting was not just it; he has also been a helping hand in direction. Talking about the quality of talent this young man holds will be well featured by 2020. And in his entire life, acting will not be just it. Akshay will spread his journey and his experience through different flavors by embracing his acting skills.

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