Akshay Kumar’s 500 Crore Defamation Suit Against YouTuber Is A WARNING For Fake News; Superstar To See The Lawsuit To Its Closure- EXCLUSIVE

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Akshay Kumar has slammed a Rs 500 crore defamation suit against YouTuber Rashid Siddiqui from Bihar who not only spread falsehoods related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death through his channel, but also dragged Akshay Kumar into the murky cooked-up slanderous eyeball-creating reports.

Now there’s hell to pay. Pun intended. Sources close to Akshay say he will see the lawsuit to its closure.

“A lot of defamation cases from the entertainment industry don’t go beyond the initial legal notice. This is what encourages slanderous hacks specially this year when lots of YouTubers made money by pretending to have inside information on Sushant’s death when in fact there were mere fly-by-night petty entrepreneurs making a fast buck by selling muck.” ALSO READ: Akshay Kumar Files Rs 500 Crore Defamation Case Against A YouTuber Who Alleged That The Star Helped Rhea Chakraborty Escape To Canada

The neo-culture of fantasy entertainment-news will now be forced into a serious revamp as fake news is now being dealt with the legal harshness it deserves. ALSO READ: Is This Why Akshay Kumar Does Not Attend Bollywood Parties?

Tanushree Dutta who has been fighting a long arduous legal battle for sexual harassment feels the laws do not favour those who file for defamation. "I maintain my earlier conviction that when it comes to human rights, women’s safety and anti- corruption, India still has a long way to go to catch up with America."

She adds, "It’s my calling and dharma to fight the good fight, for I belong to that warrior class of angels who are trained to fight and win battles that affect change for whole humanity.I just wish I had an army of other such people behind me and not have to go at it alone all the time.Sadly,I haven’t met anyone else from my tribe of warriors yet .So I guess I’ll continue this lonely battle. With Gods grace I believe I will be fine."

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