Akshay Kumar Accepts Bollywood Has a Drug Problem In a New Video

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In a new video released by Akshay Kumar on his social media platforms, the actor has accepted that there is a drug problem in Bollywood. Speaking to the camera Akshay says that Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death has forced the film industry to introspect about the issues it needs to tackle and analyse its own problems. The actor goes on to place his hand on his heart and say that he cannot lie that the problem of narcotics and drugs does not exist in Bollywood. But he also goes on to clarify that it does not mean that each and every individual in the film industry is involved in it. Akshay says that drugs is a legal matter and that he believes that whatever action that the government and law enforcement agencies are taking in the matter is absolutely correct.

Akshay stresses that people should not judge the entire film industry on the basis of what is coming out in the media. The actor also requests the media to cover the matter sensitively, because even a single negative report can completely destroy a person’s reputation that has been built over years of hard work.

You can watch Akshay’s complete video here:

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