Akshay Kumar Keeps Breaking Gender Stereotypes, One Film At A Time!

Manjari Mukherjee

From making us laugh with his perfect comic timings to breaking stereotypes within society and in cinema, Akshay Kumar is a true star, indeed!

Always making a huge box office dhamaka, Akshay Kumar has given us some of the best hits ever in Hindi Cinema, and most of those being ground-breaking work that break the barriers set in stone within our society from talking about women’s menstrual cycle to their hygienic sanitation to giving more empowerment to women even on silver screens.

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Having dealt with taboo topics through his films, Akshay Kumar has always attempted to break gender stereotypes. Even, in Mission Mangal, Akshay opted to play a character with a smaller role, giving more importance to the women in his film. However, now he makes another such breakthrough as he now presents a film led by actress Bhumi Pednekar.

The announcement of the film – Durgavati proudly stated that she is the hero in the film. Which makes us curious ans very excited to know that FINALLY, the amazing and very much un-stereotyped Bhumi Pednekar shall be seen in a women-centric film that TOTALLY revolves around her.

This empowerment coming from Akshay Kumar sets him as true star in Bollywood. Someone who not only understands the entertainment but also the power of growth through cinema for the Indian society!

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