Akshay Kumar looks back on a successful year

Just like every year, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is taking a break from his work to celebrate New Year with his family. As he is all set to go on a vacation with his family, he spoke to FPJ about his latest film and other issues.

His films have been getting good response so far, talking about his films he says, "Entire credit goes to my team for the kind of support they give me. Like for a building, it is important to have its strong pillars. But these kind of films come once in a blue moon. I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to work on these kind of films. Toilet -Ek Prem Katha was also different kind of film, similarly, Padman was also a different kind of film. I got these film and I am happy about it."

Akshay's three films have done good business at the box office and this film too is expected to open well. Speaking about it he says," I can't believe so much business has happened this year. I feels nice to do such films , which are doing good business and money is coming to the industry, people can make more and more money. It goes to the studios, they make power to make more films."

Akshay, who has not expressed about the ongoing protest against the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) 2019 but when he was asked about it, he explains his stand and says,"I don't like violence. Whether they belong to any side left side or right side, just don't opt for violence. Please don't destroy public property. Try and be away from violence. Whatever you want to say to each other do it with positivity, meet each other, talk to each other. My only request to them is do not destroy anybody's property, nobody should do that."

Akshay has earlier worked with TV actor Kushal Punjabi, who committed suicide , reacting to it he says "I have worked with Kushal Punjabi. I don't know much about it but everybody has their own issues. Some people are lucky enough to understand it, some don’t understand . It also depends on the family. I am sure there must be some reasons to it. But all I can say is guys be brave enough, face the problem. It is a lovely life , it’s a beautiful body you have cultured, your parents have looked after you, given birth to you. Don’t just let it go. I know it’s very easy for all of us to just say it. But I think so we should fight it out and don't take away your life, and try to deal with depression. If in future I would ever get a chance to make a film on depression because it’s one of the biggest thing India is going through, I would love to do a film on it."

Akshay's film Padman won National Award , so when quizzed him about do awards matter to you, to this he says, "Of course, National Award matters , it is a prestigious award. If I think about other awards then I still remember one incident when I was trying to open an envelope and it was not opening , it was for best choreographer. Then I saw who was present and then realised that person was only awarded."

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