Akshay-Twinkle’s son Aarav cooking for family reminds us why kids need to learn the art

Twinkle Khanna with son Aarav (Source: twinklerkhanna/Instagram)

Following in the footsteps of dad Akshay Kumar, once a chef himself at the beginning of his career, Aarav recently treated his parents to a delectable dinner prepared by him.

Sharing pictures of the special dinner cooked by the teenager, mom Twinkle Khanna wrote, "My teenager makes us dinner and dessert all by himself :) On the menu- mushroom risotto, miso avocado salad, chicken skewers and chocolate souffle #proudmama."

Source: twinklerkhanna/Instagram

Why kids should learn to cook

Unlike deep-rooted stereotypical notions about how cooking is meant for girls, the art does not really have much to do with whether a man or woman is doing it. This basic life skill should be taught to both your sons and daughters to make them self-reliant.

Through cooking, children get to learn about basic maths, essential for measuring ingredients, while honing creativity. It also teaches them to be patient because hurrying might leave the food under-cooked or even spoiled.

Studies have shown that learning to cook also motivates kids to follow a healthy diet. One such 2012 study showed that kids who helped with cooking were more confident about making healthy food choices and preferred eating fruits and vegetables. Following a healthy diet, in turn, kept their weight in check and reduced the risk of obesity.

While apps for ordering in food have made our lives easier, with families becoming increasingly dependent on them, the joy of preparing special family dinners from scratch and enjoying them together on occasions is gradually getting lost. Cooking meals and eating together could also be a a good way of spending quality time with your family.