Akshaye Khanna Birthday Special: When The Actor Reacted On IMDb Trivia About Him, Aamir Khan's Taare Zameen Par And Farhan Akhtar's Voice From Sky

Moumita Bhattacharjee
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Akshaye Khanna celebrates his birthday today. The actor has a long list of Trivia on IMDb. Some of them are quite puzzling, while others will shock you. No it's not about how he wanted to do Aamir Khan's role in Dil Chahta Hai but Farhan Akhtar's conviction made him settle with Siddharth instead. He admitted that he realised Farhan's vision was right. There's lot more that IMDb mentions. Trivia has user generated content and the list of movies that Akshaye was supposed to work in but didn't is quite long. In an interview to Mid-Day a few years back, he reacted to a few of them and it was amazing.

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So on his birthday we thought of picking those instances where Akshaye didn't forget his memories (He keeps saying that in this interview).

#Trivia- Feroz Khan came to him with Prem Aggan and he was signed. But later made it with Fardeen Khan

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Akshaye: No, he had signed me up for a film called Janasheen, I think. It wasn't Prem Aggan. And at that time Fardeen hadn't told his dad that he wanted to be an actor. He did, maybe about six to seven months after he had already signed me up. So obviously came to my dad and said that he will have to make a film with [his son] instead. So, yeah, that's true.


#Trivia- Mukul Anand was supposed to launch you in 1994

Akshaye: In 1994? I can't remember that. No, it can't be 1994, because I started [Himalay Putra] in 1994; it took about two and half years [to make]. But [Mukul Anand] died shortly after that. What year did Mukul Anand die? (1997).

#Trivia- Farhan Akhtar approached him with a script called Voice From The Sky but shelved it to make Don 2

Akshaye: True. I've no idea [why]. You'll have to ask Farhan. I remember, it was a really good script. I would do anything with Farhan. He was really excited and keen to make it. He still hasn't.

#Trivia- Amole Gupte wanted you for Taare Zameen Par but Aamir Khan did it.

Akshaye: "(Amole Gupte) was a friend of Aamir's and he had approached him to get in touch with me. He asked Aamir if he could help [introduce him to me, and to make me hear a narration], since he didn't know me, and Aamir and I had worked together in Dil Chahta Hai. Aamir being Aamir said, "You know I can't recommend a script, unless I hear it first. If I like it, I will tell Akshaye."

He liked it so much that he ended up doing it! I was once shooting at one of the studios — if I remember right, Mehboob. Aamir was also shooting on one of the floors. I went to his van to say hi. He was like, oh you know what —this happened. I said, okay, no problem."

Akshaye detests interviews which he admitted in this particular one but manages to give such thrilling answers. Well, when you are talented, you can do just about anything. That's what birthday boy Akshaye is.