Alan Longo & Arizona Zervas Bring a Dynamic Stage Presence

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In late 2019, Arizona Zervas swept music fans off their feet with his hit single “Roxanne”. This upbeat record caught the ears of millions of people very quickly through social media, radio, and word of mouth. Topping the charts and dropping hit after hit is one great way for an artist to be at the forefront of the industry, but this did not happen overnight.

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Arizona Zervas has been consistently releasing music since 2016. When he started touring, his DJ was Alan Longo (singer, songwriter, and producer). This dynamic duo played countless shows and gave the crowd a powerful performance and an unforgettable experience. Some of their favorite shows from this time were at venues like the Fillmore in Miami and Webster Hall in New York. Alan Longo would get the crowd hyped up before Arizona even started playing his songs. Opening up for Vine star, Skate Maloley and Derek Luh were two big highlights of their early careers, but there were so many more memorable experiences.

According to Alan Longo, one time they sat in a Walmart parking lot for over an hour, talking about the law of attraction and manifesting their goals into existence. It is definitely crazy that both Alan and Arizona are able to look back and say they actually found success in their manifesting! Actions speak louder than words, but both Alan and Arizona had something to prove. Alan also stated that all the time spent on tour busses and after parties brought the duo closer together, but they definitely bumped heads. Being young and partying all the time has its downside, but all the good times created memories that would last forever. These two have very bright futures that we should be on the lookout for!

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