Albert Einstein Death anniversary: Remembering Man Behind World’s Most Famous Equation

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Albert Einstein came up with some of the most revolutionary theories and discoveries in the 1900s. His theories are followed by scientists and physicists even today across the globe.

For many, Einstein was and will always be one of the most knowledgeable scientists in the world. Here is a glimpse of his background and contributions which he made to give a new direction to science and technology.

Born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany, Einstein spent a significant portion of his childhood in Munich. Since his father owned an electronics firm, he garnered interest in the domain from childhood itself.

As a child, he struggled with speech problems and his parents were worried about him being not smart. Mathematics was one of his favourite subjects. He did not complete his schooling in Germany but finished it in Switzerland. After acquiring his degree, he tried to bag a teaching job but started his career in Bern, Switzerland working in a patent office.

While he has many discoveries and inventions to his name, the most renowned among them is the Theory of Relativity, E= mc2. The theory served as the stepping stone for many scientists and inventors. The scientists derived that nothing in the Universe can be faster than light and is used as a constant in Physics’ equations.

The theory of relativity also details that distance and time may change depending upon the speed of an object and the observer.

He was a Jew and in a bid to escape Nazis, Albert Einstien settled in the United States in 1933. At one point, the Nazi administration even announced a hefty bounty on him but in 1940 he took the citizenship of the US.

In the year 1905, he also discovered that light is made up of photons and bagged the Nobel Prize for his outstanding contribution to Physics in the year 1921.

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