Furious Aldi shoppers claim their turkeys were 'gone off' and 'rancid' on Christmas Day

Furious Aldi customers have slammed the supermarket giant after opening "rancid" turkeys which “weren't fit for consumption” on Christmas Day.

Customers took to Twitter to complain their "spoilt" turkeys had ruined Christmas and that their festive meat had gone "rotten", even when they were within their sell-by date.

On Twitter Louise Daley said: "Just opened our Aldi turkey to prepare it for the big day, only to find it has gone off!! @AldiUK I will be requesting a full refund."

Customers took to Twitter to complain that their 'spoilt' turkeys had ruined Christmas after some found theirs had gone 'rotten' when they were within their sell-by date (file image) (Getty Images)

Fiona Broadbent said: "Christmas Dinner ruined turkey from Aldi was off! #alditurkey."

H J Davies tweeted: “@AldiUK well just opened my ALDI fresh turkey to cook, and it stinks to high heaven, totally off, too late to take back and too late to buy another...Merry Xmas ALDI.”

Tony Goss, meanwhile, posted an image of a "rancid" chicken and wrote: “@AldiUK can you explain to me, why a chicken we purchased from your store @aldi #thetford that clearly states Boxing Day as the use by date, is absolutely rancid?

“It’s turned green and the smell of ammonia has gone through the house.Merry Christmas! Ruined Christmas.”


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An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News UK: “We are sorry that, in a small number of instances, we did not meet our usual high-quality standards.

“Customers can return any product that they are not satisfied with to their nearest store for a full refund, or alternatively contact our customer services department.”

Aldi wasn’t the only supermarket that left customers seething after they opened up rotten turkeys on Christmas Day.

Some who bought meat from Tesco had also taken to social media to complain.

A Tesco customer told the Mirror how she noticed some of these tell-tale signs despite buying a turkey from a store on the evening of December 23 and quickly refrigerating it.

"I went to prepare it on [Christmas Eve] and it stinks to high heaven," she said.

“It’s slimy and stinks rotten. Not great on Christmas Eve night. Says the best before date is the 26th but clearly not."

Yahoo News UK has approached Tesco for comment.