Aldi is selling a 60p bottle of red wine

Chelsea Ritschel

Aldi, the German budget supermarket, has a budget red wine which costs the equivalent of less than 60p (80¢) a bottle.

It's cheap, it's not weak (11 per cent alcohol), and strikes us as a bargain worth stocking up on.

But if you're looking to get blotto in Blighty then we've some bad news, the budget red is currently only available in the British ex-pat haunt of Benidorm. It was spotted and shared on Twitter by @IrenainBenidorm who wrote: "Check out the price of the wine - works out to a little over 50p a BOTTLE".

But the good news is that Benidorm's abundance of cheap hotel rooms - and flights from London for less than £50 - mean that Brits are less than three hours away from vino de mesa tinto which costs less than a Mars bar. Across a week's getaway, that could prove to be good value.

For those that still aren’t convinced, you should know that the average bottle of wine in Spain costs €5, or £4.41.

While you may worry about the quality of the wine when you're shelling out less than a Euro, you may be surprised to discover that a typical £5 bottle of wine in the UK contains wine worth just a few pence.

Decanter Magazine

In the UK, when you purchase a cheap bottle of plonk, a mere 37p covers the cost of the wine, while the rest of the cost is for tax, margins and transportation.

We’ve included a handy graph that breaks down the prices of wine so you can make smart wine purchasing choices.