Alec Baldwin quits Twitter. Trolling about wife's heritage possible trigger?

Shubham Dasgupta
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Alec Baldwin quits Twitter. Trolling about wife
Alec Baldwin quits Twitter. Trolling about wife

19 Jan 2021: Alec Baldwin quits Twitter. Trolling about wife's heritage possible trigger?

Alec Baldwin, who up until recently entertained us all by aping Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, has quit Twitter.

The actor has reportedly taken the decision after social media went bonkers over his wife Hilaria Baldwin's origin and heritage.

While announcing his departure from the social media platform on January 18, his tweet likened Twitter to "a party where everyone is screaming."

Fact: Not much of a party, says Baldwin

Repercussion: His exit has evoked mixed reaction; some support, some troll

"Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming. Not much of a party. Goodbye for now," tweeted Baldwin, evoking a mixed response from his followers.

Some users advised him not to quit, reasoning that his wife's problems should not deter him from entertaining his own community.

Others trolled him about his comic timing and the impact the controversy has on him.

Context: The issue with Hilaria started last December

It all started last December when a video clip of a 2015 TV appearance of Hilaria surfaced, which showed her struggling to remember the English word for 'cucumber'.

She clarified that it was her nerves acting up on one of her first TV appearances.

Public confusion increased when Hilaria, a yoga instructor, podcaster and influencer, was recorded speaking with a Spanish accent at times.

Fact: She was born Hillary Hayward-Thomas in Boston, Massachusetts

The curiosity broke the ceiling when her agency committed a mistake of mentioning her birthplace as Mallorca, Spain.

Fact remains that she was born Hillary Hayward-Thomas, and an NYT article claims that her birth was in Boston, Massachusetts, to a couple, one half of whom was an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

However, she has maintained that she speaks Spanish at times.

Details: Her family visited Spain frequently to form 'deep bond'

That wouldn't have been a cause of interest for gossip-mongers until Hilaria said her father, real estate lawyer David L Thomas Jr., took his family to Spain, where he developed "deep, deep, deep bonds."

She, however, had failed to provide concrete details of their duration of stay in Spain, where she was called Hilaria.

Notably, the Baldwins have five children with Spanish names.

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