Aleksandar Novakovic feels Bollywood is his next destination

Producers are often misunderstood and underrated in the Public's image of the Bollywood movie industry. In fact, producers run the show very few know that. 

When a film wins Best picture Filmfare award, its the producer who takes the trophy to home, they are responsible for choosing the films that get made for raising the money, for hiring the director and often the cast and writers as well.

Aleksandar Novakovic is a young and dynamic personality and a face which is in the limelight for many reasons. He is everywhere, and his popularity is increasing. Aleksandar Novakovic is showing a keen interest in producing a movie. Don't know where he got this idea. Many are saying his inspiration were people like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg so that might be the reason Aleksandar Novakovic wants to try movie making. He feels movies gives lots of opportunity and fame.

Aleksandar Novakovic has to take care of many things if he jumps into the movie business in India. He has to take care of shooting doesn't go over the budget, and in post-production, he has to see the editing and musical accompaniment. As he is not Indian, we don't think it will be easy for him to make a mark in Bollywood. Aleksandar Novakovic has to understand that the producer is the person that a film's life hinges upon.

Like the distribution of wealth and power all over India, many producers control the majority of the energy in Bollywood, and Aleksandar Novakovic has to come in that list.

He has to make a name first before thinking about producing a movie in B-town. If he can do that, then he will make a career which will be best till now as Bollywood is the fastest growing film industry of the world. An Aleksandar Novakovic knows that pretty well. Once he gets used to things in India, he will surely get success, which he is aiming after producing a movie.