Alexander Valentine on Becoming A DJ and Successful Entrepreneur Sensation

Alexander Valentine on Becoming A DJ and Successful Entrepreneur Sensation

Alexander Valentine is a young highly successful Entrepreneur and DJ with a positive mindset. Read on to know his story…

Alexander Valentine is an ambitious Entrepreneur and DJ who has found a way to not only follow his passion in life but also setting up goals and executing them while enjoying the process of growing his businesses and creating value in those around him. Even when he was a child he always knew he would become successful. Today Alexander Valentine is regarded as a successful businessman helping big brands reach the young generation with online advertising. He is a successful business owner that runs several enterprises and a DJ as well.

Tell us something about yourself?

My name is Alexander Valentine and I am an entrepreneur and a DJ. I grew up in the USA, Greece, and Sweden. I’m the CEO and founder of my own company. I am a part of a small group of young entrepreneurs all around the world that have been able to make money online of our own brand selling courses and helping clients with online advertising. When I was a kid I used to be really good at Football and tennis but due to some injuries, I had to quit. It’s in my DNA to be an athlete so after I quit I tried to find my new passion which became being a DJ and an entrepreneur.

What is your entrepreneur story? How did you come about building your business?

I used to be really good at Football and tennis but due to some injuries, I had to quit. It’s in my DNA to be an athlete. My mother used to play basketball and my father used to play football at a high level as well before he became a DJ. So, sports came natural to me. After I had to quit due to injuries I wanted to find my new passion which was being a DJ and an entrepreneur. I’ve always had really good self-esteem and when I started this journey of being an entrepreneur and a DJ I knew I would succeed. When it comes to my entrepreneurship, I did a market research on how to make money online and picked my niche which is online advertising. I decided to start my own agency.

What is your business model — how were you able to grow so fast?

Well, I have my own online advertising agency. So I help clients generating more leads using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads. The best thing about this when I started out is you don’t really need an office. You just need a laptop. I’ve been working with business owners, mid-size companies, and big companies mainly Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Financial advisers and now I am in the middle of a process of scaling my company, expanding my brand. I don’t want to scale too quickly but as of now I am working with some big startups, and some big brands doing content for them and I have also been asked to be on Television so we are in the middle of negotiations as of now. The reason why I’ve been able to grow so fast is that I did a market research. I looked at what was making the most money online and also did a research what other online advertising agency owners did to make them successful.

Can you give me an overview of who you are, what is your educational or overall background? What are some of your achievements?

I only went to high school. So that is my educational background. I used to be one of the best in my state in football when I was a teen. My biggest achievements is definitely that I was really good at sports. Also that I am able to earn a living doing what I do, it is really hard doing so and I am one of few that are really successful in my niche. It is also an achievement in itself to be contacted by big online magazines, big brands, start-ups that are backed by venture capital firms that invested 100’s of millions on them, and of all the people in the world they want to work with me so that I am really proud of. I have also been approached by three of the biggest record labels in the world since I am a DJ as well. I just feel blessed that I’m able to have my own business and that I am being approached by all these big brands and record labels. Not too many people can say they experienced this. Pretty much 1% of the population. I always knew as a kid that I would be successful in whatever I decide to do. But the only reason why this is happening to me is that I am taking action. If you take action it is a big chance you will start noticing things will start happening to you too.

What have you learned through your experiences as an entrepreneur that can be used by aspiring business individuals?

I have learned you have to be patient. I started 3 companies in the span of 2 months that all failed because I did not do market a market research and I was not patient enough. As an entrepreneur you have to come up with several solutions to a problem in order to solve it. So I would say be patient, do a market research and let everything take some time until it all falls into place.

What makes your business so unique and successful?

Because since 2017, 2018 for the first time in history more money was spent on online advertising by companies than on TV commercials. They finally understand that in order to reach more people they have to use online advertising because most people are on their phones, laptops and not on TV as much as they used to be. So with that being said, online advertising is here to stay and companies want to grow so they will always need my services.

What have you learned through your journey as an entrepreneur?

I learned that you have to be patient, you can’t stress things and force things. If you don’t have the patience you will never succeed.

Also if you want to be successful you have to sacrifice your free time sometimes.

What skills and attributes make you as successful as you are?

I never give up, I am passionate about things and I am really smart. That is something I get to hear daily by people, that I am really smart you know. I know how to solve things quickly and come up with effective and powerful strategies. But like I said, I never give up. When I decided to start my first business I just told myself I am going to be successful no matter what.

Why is online business, marketing, etc. important?

It is because most people are on their phones and laptops not so much on TV anymore so in order to reach more people for a cheaper price doing online advertising is the best and most effective way to reach those people. Especially the younger generation.

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