Is an 'Alien Vs Predator' limited series under development?

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03 Jan 2021: Is an 'Alien Vs Predator' limited series under development?

It might be an overload but rumor has it that an Alien Vs Predator limited series is in its earliest stages of development.

This information came from famed tipster Daniel Richtman, a prominent source as far as revealing earliest bits and pieces of exciting franchises are concerned.

Like them or not, they do build a unique scope for a crossover of extra-terrestrial beings.

First update: Insider Richtman didn't reveal anything else about the series

Richtman hasn't provided any further information on who will produce this new series.

He, however, maintained that this will take place after the initial run of the Hulu standalone show of Alien gets done.

The Alien show was teased as part of the Disney Investor Day project launches on December 10.

The series will be developed by Noah Hawley of Fargo and Legion fame.

Fact: Disney had tweeted about the 'Alien' show as well

Announcement: Ridley Scott, director of original 'Alien', to be executive producer

Ridley Scott, the 83-year-old director who is returning to TV with sci-fi title Raised by Wolves, is slated to executive produce the current Alien series.

Notably, Scott directed the first Alien movie of the franchise that released in 1979.

The sci-fi venture was critically acclaimed and was loved by the audience, eventually winning an Academy Award, and giving way to several other films, novels, etc.

Claim: FX's Landgraf calls Hulu-show first 'Alien' story set on Earth

FX chairman John Landgraf announced the Alien TV series, calling the Hulu show the first Alien series taking place on Earth.

"It's the first 'Alien' story set on Earth, and by blending both the timeless horror of the first 'Alien' film with the non-stop action of the second, it's going to be a scary thrill ride," said Landgraf.

Information: This will be a blend of 1979, 1986 films

This series is slated to mix in the 1979 film and the 1986 James Cameron-directorial, which went by the name of Aliens.

Unlike Alien, Aliens did not win any Academy Award and neither was it shown the same love by viewers, though the latter got a nomination in the Best Actress category for Sigourney Weaver.

Weaver played the character of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley.

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