Aligarh Writer Apurva Asrani Feels Attacking Soft Targets like KRK is Sheer Hypocrisy, Suggests Tagging a Popular Film Critic and His Blind Items as also the Culprit

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The ongoing KRK vs Hansal Mehta debate on social media is taking an ugly turn every day. Recently the filmmaker started an online petition asking Amitabh Bachchan to stop following Kamaal R Khan on Twitter. Their feud had only intensified with time and Aligarh writer Apurva Asrani has now joined the war, albeit from the other side. While he understands KRK can be mean at times, but he's not willing to be a hypocrite and ignore the other popular names in the industry while the less popular ones continue to be the new targets.

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While Hansal Mehta had earlier slammed KRK for his mean tweets on Sushant Singh Rajput, Apurva believes he's not the only culprit in the industry. Instead, he's willing to appreciate his guts for "putting his name on his opinions" rather than hiding in shadows and resorting to blind items. He has further slammed popular film critic and journalist Rajeev Masand for all 'blind items' against the late actor and tagged them as 'vicious and cowardly'. The writer suggests further highlights the practice of following selective outrage where a soft target becomes the new victim while the popular faces continue to enjoy the full support sans any opposition.

"Attacking soft targets like KRK, while keeping mum on the more powerful 'blind item' experts is sheer hypocrisy. KRK is vile, but atleast has the guts to put his name to his opinions. Rajeev's blind items against #SushantSinghRajput are vicious & cowardly. Don't be selective," he tweeted while defending KRK and slamming Rajeev Masand instead. 

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Kriti Sanon and Kangana Ranaut are amongst the leading Bollywood faces who earlier slammed the idea of having blind items. They believe the practice is unfair and can affect a celebrity's mental health. And for the ones who don't know, Rajeev Masand has already stopped writing blind items in his weekly column for the Open Magazine. This was done recently but long before Apurva Asrani slammed him.