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Led by doctor Palas Sen, Euphoria was our desi Backstreet Boys in the late 90s. They have gifted us “Dhoom Pichak Dhoom”, “Kaise Bhulegi Mera Naam”, “Mehfooz”, and “Kabhi Ana Tu Meri Gulli” among others. After launching their 6th studio album, Sharnaagat in 2012, they released of new single ‘Halla Bol’ in 2016 which was quite a disappointment compared to their previous renditions. Still waiting for the band to be back with a bang.

Alisha Chinoy, Stereo Nation, Euphoria! Where are the 90s pop sensations today?

Bollywood has always been the main channel of contemporary music in India, but 90s were a little different.

This decade saw the rise of some of the greatest pop singers and music bands that shaped our affinity for music.

Now that movies have again become the only source of music, with a few YouTubers covering the hit numbers, we sit back wondering about our favorite singers from childhood.