Alka Yagnik And Her Husband Are Living Separately For More Than 25 Years And They Are Still In Love (
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    gopi 4
    and Suprisingly It qualifies for News
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    This is a big blunder by Yahoo..In all the pics accept the 5th from top (little old pic where you can see young Alka with a man wearing red shirt) all her photographs are with her brother Samir Yagnik..
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    Very perfect couple Alka-Neeraj. Happy silver anniversary. God bless always.
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    Why peep?
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    Raj PrakashR
    But what is left of Alka's career today ?
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    Is carrier more important than family and husband ?
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    At times career assumes precedence over family. This is what has happened with Alka Yagni and Neeraj. However, its been enough and the family too is well provided for. Now, after reaching the zenith, her career too does not appear to be working so well. I, without an intention to peep into their personal life, would advise that they now live together. The daughter too is likely to get married soon and then Alkaji would be left alone.
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    Super singer
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    Green Earth.
    Concocted story for PUBLICITY
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    When she was in the limelight she never care her husband now no work no chaploosi so remembers that bechara
    Any how der aaye durust aaye.