Allow Me to Shut Down a Street in India: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, who is all set to star in Mission: Impossible Fallout expressed interest in wanting to shoot for his next film in India. He very nearly shot for it this time as well. But, he couldn’t get a permit.

Tom shot for his film, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in Vancouver and Dubai to resemble Mumbai and once again, in Fallout, he shot in New Zealand and Norway to resemble Kashmir. Rajeev Masand talks to the actor about coming to India for his next.

"I just need to be able to shut down streets. They need to allow me. I wanted to shoot the helicopter sequence there, but there just wasn’t any area that they would let us work. The permit was going to be too challenging for us to get. So, if you could talk to them, we’ll start the paperwork now. I would love to fly out jets through the streets if they’d let me. I can’t wait. " - Tom Cruise, Actor 

Speaking about entertaining audiences for so many years, Cruise said, “I’m an audience, first and foremost. No matter what kind of film I’m making, what genre, I’m thinking about that audience when they’re seeing it. I think about the experience that I want them to have. So that’s what I’m trying to do”.

Watch the full interview here:

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