Allure Magazine Interviews EXO’s Xiumin For First Time Since After He Got Release From Military

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Allure magazine interviewed EXO’s Xiumin for the first time since after he got discharged from military service. He also answered questions sent in by fans.

One fan asked “Since you’re officially in your 30s now, is there a bucket list for what you want to do in your 30s? And what would you recommend fans in their 20s to do in their 20s?”

My bucket list for my 30s is to release a solo album and do a solo concert. To those in their 20s, I recommend you do the things you want to do in that moment.


Can you tell us a big item on your bucket list and a small cute thing that you want to do tomorrow?

A big thing I definitely want to accomplish for my bucket list is, I don’t know if it’s possible, but having a big dinner with all our EXO fans? For a small and cute thing on my bucket list, what could there be? Hmmm…go to the Han River and eat instant ramen!


Xiumin showed up his support for his fellow EXO member when a fan asked “what songs were on your recent playlists would recommend to the fans. “Hmm…Kai’s ‘Mmmh’. Yeah!”

What would the Kim Min Seok after being discharged from the military say to the Kim Min Seok before serving in the military?

The training is going to be hard, but it’ll be over soon so don’t be too impatient and just do whatever they tell you to do!


Now that you’ve been discharged, you’re free to do whatever with your hair! What kind of hair do you want to try?

Before serving, I was too bothered, so I preferred short hair, but now I’m free to do whatever with my hair. I want to try growing out my hair. I’ve never seen myself with long hair.


He was discharged off-base after his scheduled year-end leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was given his status as a regular civilian after December 6.

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