#AllyOfLove: Love Doesn’t Discriminate and Neither Does Millennial India

Indian millennials have time and again been at the frontlines of change in India. This is a generation that has strong beliefs and isn’t afraid to stand up for others. When online dating was introduced, they accepted it too. Strengthening its long-standing support of the LGBTQi community, during this year’s International month of Pride, international dating app OkCupid launched it’s digital campaign #AllyOfLove.

This campaign celebrates the battles that have been fought and continue to be fought everyday for love to be accepted even though all individuals crave for love. It is a reminder that love doesn’t discriminate and neither does millennial India. Its aimed to create a digital coming together to show solidarity with the idea of love without barriers. While a pandemic has forced people to stay at home, they can still make their voice heard and declare themselves to be a safe space for the members of the community albeit from a distance, as an #AllyOfLove.

The campaign draws insights from user responses to questions on the app, breaking gender stereotypes indicated by the progressive thoughts of today’s generation. 96% users said they care about LGBTQi+ issues and over 95% users cross various sexual orientations and preferences have expressed wanting love.

95% members from the LGBTQ+ community believe gay marriages should be made legal in India. Over 90% of cis-het men and women echo the same views. However, as many 35% users who identify as queer don’t have friends from the LGBTQi+ community itself. This fact makes it even more imperative for each of us to raise our voices in a celebration of love.

The digital film conceptualized by Dentsu WebChutney, is a 2020 take on the popular game ‘Never have I ever’. Following the instruction - ‘If you agree, turn on your camera’ - a group of 9 diverse individuals across the gender and sexuality spectrum, are asked questions about their love lives and relationships. These questions range from whether ‘they have ever been nervous about asking someone out’ to ‘have their feelings ever been dismissed’.

The responses clearly indicated how progressive and welcoming this community of users is while spotlighting the need for all us to rally around members of the LGBTQi community and show them our support.

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