Almost Forgot Vidya Balan is a Big Star While Working with Her in Sherni: Mukul Chadda

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Actor Mukul Chadda, who plays an important role in film Sherni, talks about working with Vidya Balan and the film releasing on OTT platform.

Mukul said, “I think everybody knows what a wonderful actor Vidya is. But apart from that she is also a wonderful person to work with, she is very professional and committed to her work and also makes it very easy and comfortable for those around her. I almost forgot she is a very big star while working with her, such is her professionalism to the job and you just felt that you’re working with another co-actor, trying to improve the scene and working on the scene. She puts everyone around her at ease and she is very easy to get along with.”

As theatres remain shut, Sherni along with many other films moved to OTT platform. Talking about the rise of OTT and whether it is diminishing the star-culture, Mukul said, “People who are stars effectively have huge fan following and they are able to draw audiences to either theatres or OTT, so having that drawing power can come from famous directors and famous actors who can draw people on their name. OTT didn’t have traditional stars initially but then it created stars of its own, who also have the power to draw people to watch shows they’re in next.”

He added, “I think at some level people who achieve stardom, which to me just means that they are popular with the masses and people want to go and see their content, that sort of phenomenon will always stay to some extent. The only question is how much of it is sticky, how much of it is deserved, how much of it is based on the work they do, how much of that changes with their shows being good or bad subsequently. That may change but at the end of the day, people will be drawn to projects based on individuals who have created the content, who are acting in it, who are involved in this making, that will always remain to some extent.”

Sherni will release on Amazon Prime Video on June 18. The trailer of the film was well received and some also pinned Oscar hopes on it. Mukul said, “If that does happen I will be overjoyed because it’s absolutely wonderful if a film you are a part of is even sent to the Oscars so that would be absolutely fantastic. But just the fact that some fans, whoever they may be, are pinning their hopes on such a big achievement for this film makes me feel very happy and at the end of the day, I just hope more importantly that when this releases people really like it and take to it well.”

In the two-and-a-half-minute trailer, Vidya Balan can also be seen fighting sexist prejudices. Talking about it, Mukul said, “There are a lot of stereotypes that exist in the society and slowly as we become aware of it we start fighting them and what we see in films is actually a reflection of what is happening in the society. Films may be at the vanguard of such movements, so you see a lot more of that happening in films first before they slowly take place in society. There are a lot of stereotypes that exist in society and behind-the-scenes of a film set would be no different in that sense, there would be lots of stereotypes but just like the fact that we are challenging them on-screen, it means that discussion is taking place in the public forum and those changes are occurring slowly.”

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