Why PM Modi-Led High-Powered Panel Decided to Remove Alok Verma as CBI Director

Alok Verma, whose service tenure ends on January 31, has now been given the charge of DG Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guards.

New Delhi: CBI Director Alok Verma was divested of his duties as the head of the premier investigation agency when a high-powered committed chaired by Prime Minister Modi decided to remove him over corruption charges on Thursday.

The six-page report drafted by a three-member Central Vigilance Commission probing allegations against Alok Verma recommended the removal of Verma for these six reasons:

1) ‘Some of the allegations contained in the complaint forwarded by the Cabinet Secretary under investigation are prima facie established and they are of very grave nature impacting on the integrity of the officer concerned and the institution.

2) Some of the allegations require further detailed investigation which will not be possible with Alok Verma heading the same organisation which is to conduct such investigations.

3) Instance of wilful non-production of records and non co-operation with the Commission in exercises of its functions.

4) Production of fabricated/non genuine documents before the Selection Committee which reflects complete lack of integrity and fairness.

5) Further grave allegation in the complaint received post-submission of the Inquiry Report to Supreme Court being under inquiry. This is what the report says though it is not clear what are the “further grave allegations”.

6) An environment of hostility and faction feud in CBI leading to potential loss of reputation/credibility.

The report goes on to say that ‘the Commission, after due deliberations is of the considered view that the continuance of Shri Alok Verma as Director CBI is not appropriate and is not in the interest of the integrity and reputation’ of the CBI.