Alshair Fiyaz and The Precedent set by Copenhagen for Green City Planning

In recent years, Copenhagen, Denmark has emerged as the exemplary leader in sustainable city planning.

The Scandinavian city- which has been long renowned for its innovation and commitment to progressive social and environmental advancement- has recently unveiled design plans for a brand-new neighborhood- Bellakvarter- to be built entirely on an eco-friendly footprint. Spearheaded by investor and philanthropist Alshair Fiyaz, the ambition for the new neighborhood is to drastically cut pollution and waste through green housing, through the process becoming a model to follow for the rest of the eco-friendly housing industry.

On June 21st, plans were announced for central wind power to serve as the entire neighborhood’s primary energy source. The wind turbines are expected to generate a whopping 1.2 Million Kilo Watts of power per year– drastically reducing the city’s former reliance on power plants.

Built around the Bella Center, the second-largest conference center in Scandinavia, Bellakvarter will accommodate a multitude of residential, business, and shared work/live spaces. Its vibrant, bustling community- all powered by green energy- seeks to demonstrate that population growth can be tackled by efficient new solutions which don’t compromise prosperity, quality of life, or architectural design.

For Fiyaz, the Bellakvarter project is an exciting addition to an already impressive set of acquisitions in Denmark, which includes Copenhagen’s preeminent shopping center Magasin Du Nord, the Scandinavian retailer Illum, the Bella Sky Hotel, and the Marriot Copenhagen.

Fiyaz’s influence on the forward-thinking design and development of Copenhagen cannot be discounted from the city’s rise into the modern leader of eco-sustainable city planning.