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Another well-known activity, Aerobics is counted amongst the top few high-intensity activities under-taken for weight loss. A 45 minute aerobics class will leave you drenched with sweat, exhausted and absolutely refreshed. Aerobics involves performing various exercises and stretches to the beat of music, in specific sets and focuses on toning the body while losing weight. You’ll see results within weeks if you’re doing the class right!

10 Alternatives to the Gym for Weight Loss

Increasing health consciousness and the desire for slimmer waist lines has led to an obsession with weight loss. Everyone in the world would have at some point experimented with multiple methods in order to lose weight. Two of the most common activities recommended for weight loss are Dieting and Gym. Dieting involves monitoring and controlling your food intake while the Gym helps burn off the calories from foods consumed.

But what if you’re not a Gym person? What if you can’t manage to stick to a Gym routine for any number of reasons? Does that mean you can’t exercise? Absolutely not.

We’ve come up with a list of 10 activities that you can easily undertake as an alternative to Gym for weight loss!